Five others you should read

Much as I would like my faithful readers — what are there, five of you now? — to stick with my words and only my words, I have to admit that there are some other great blogs out there. Today, day 10 of the Third Annual Wordcount Blogathon, all of the participants are recommending some of their favorite other reads.

I’m not a great one for reading online. I like a paper, a magazine, a book. But there are a few great writers whose work appears primarily on the web, and I’ll follow them anywhere.

In no particular order:

1. — while I must disclose up front that I’ve known the Nerd in charge for about 40 years, I’d like her writing regardless. It’s a very conversational tone, quirky –as she is. Her blog is mostly about travel, but she writes other stuff, too. She often writes a feature called Fish Wednesday (but not as often now — a subject about which I have spoken to her: we want more Fish Wednesday!), which describes her forays turning the wealth of seafood from the Pacific Northwest into luscious looking photographs. I’m sure the food tastes good, too. She takes lovely pictures — or Nerd Husband does; they are equally talented in this department. She writes a lot about playing her ukulele, wanting to go back to Hawaii as soon as possible, the perils of two-continent living, and cake.

2. — This site can eat your brain. Whether you are looking at the list of top Facebook mistakes (all real, each funnier than the last), the 10 best English misspellings or some of the unintentionally funny stuff that makes it into church newsletters, you’ll soon have cubemates looking over the walls wanting to find out what’s making coffee squirt out your nose. My current favorite is the list of 15 Clever Logos. There really are some clever graphic artists out there.

3. Frugal Kiwi does a lot of felting. That’s not why I like her blog. I like the recipes for homemade laundry soap, or how to make your own deodorant. The comments from other users let you know pretty quickly if the stuff is worth making. She tells you not just about her successes, but her failures. That makes her real. She also has some great cheap recipes. And it’s one of the prettiest, least messy blogs I’ve seen in a long time. I love the design.

4. The Geezer Sisters — It’s just one person, novelist Ruth Pennebaker, but I always love what she writes. I loved her first for the blog name — obviously an irreverent woman. Her writing is just as good as the name. And she is, indeed, snarky in the way I like it. She may be a little older than I am, but she pegs my feelings regularly — like her most recent post about emoticons, which I, too, abstain from using. She makes Texas sound a lot better than I usually think it must be, too.

5. Another laugh out loud blog, Sleep Talkin’ Man, is the honest-to-god, recorded and written musings of a man in his sleep. Hippos humming, hand eating ponies, lots of swearing at people and threats of bloody-axed violence. Like the Best of Craigslist ads, this blog can become addictive. You’ll check it every morning to see what the writer’s husband had to say in the night and whether or not she can think back to the day before and make heads or tails of his ramblings in terms of real life.

But only read these after you’ve read me, okay?

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