Good things come in small packages — and come from small steps


This week for my blog, I look at the power of small changes and how, over time, they can have a big positive impact. It’s not just intuitive truth, but scientifically proved.

A lot of the literature and idea-banking of small changes is about diabetes, in part because it is such a huge problem, but also because it appears so responsive to taking incremental positive steps. A Mayo Health blog post covers how little things can both impact your health post diagnosis, and even prevent it from becoming a part of your medical record.

Health 123 isn’t alone in the quest for doing more by doing a little over and over again. Vancouver Canucks president Trevor Linden is the face of a new organization focused on men’s health that’s committed to making small changes, too.

Read more about some of the studies, and get some tips for making small changes here.

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