31 Days and Counting

If you count the last post I did in April — on April 30 — then really, this is my 32nd straight day blogging as part of the Third Annual Wordcount Blogathon. It’s been hard. Often I’ll have to reach deep to come up with something to blog about, usually in the evening after my tween is in bed. Not the ideal time to write, but the time that I have available. I hope that I have always been relevant to people other than myself. In particular, I hope that my blogs about books have made some of you broaden your reading horizons or pick up something I recommended.

This last blog was supposed to be about three old dog books that have either recently been reissued or are so popular, they haven’t been out of print in decades. However, Husband and Son, who went to Vancouver, BC for an all-school field trip last Thursday, appear to have come home with a norovirus. Husband has recovered and Son just got sick. Everywhere. I am as yet uninfected and because I take immunosuppressents for my arthritis, it’s kind of important that I try to stay that way. So rather than blogging about dogs, I’m going to go buy some Lysol and spray everything in the house. I’m also stocking up on PeptoBismol and some candied ginger.

So look for dog books at a later date. And cross your fingers.

One thought on “31 Days and Counting

  1. I hope you didn’t catch the virus. Theraflu helps my daughter fight a virus, and she uses Airborne for prevention. She is in education, and she and her students use hand sanitizer. Hope everyone at your house is feeling well by now.

    When you’re looking for something to read. I hope you’ll try a fellow Blogathoner’s book. Mine is OUT OF THE BLUE, a time travel romantic suspense from http://www.thewildrosepress.com and Amazon.

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